Failure to adequately address anxiety in young children may exacerbate separation anxiety

Failure to adequately address anxiety in young children may exacerbate separation anxiety Written by: New Horizons Development Centre, Certified Educational Psychologist Pang Chi Wah As the school year begins again, many children cry when they first go to kindergarten. However, there are also children who can go to school without any adjustment period because their parents can prepare them mentally and practice simulations. For children, entering kindergarten may be their first major challenge because some children are separated from their families for the first time when they enter kindergarten, but once they have enough time to become familiar with the school environment, they will feel safe in kindergarten life and will not cry. What

Do children need to wear sunscreen when the sun shines?

Do children need to wear sunscreen when the sun shines? Written by:Dr. Chang Kit With modern information flow is well developed, many health care-related knowledge is easily available. One of the things that people will increasingly understand is the importance of sunscreen protection. Too much UV light accelerates skin aging and increases melanin production, resulting in pigmentation. Although UV rays themselves are effective in helping to produce vitamin D and absorb calcium, Hong Kong is on the edge of a subtropical region and is exposed to more sunlight each year than the upper northern hemisphere (such as Canada and Europe), so even with sunscreen products, there are still many opportunities for exposure to the

Wear face mask for long time during Epidemic. How to make children learn to “look at people’s eyebrows and eyes”?

Written by: Hong Kong Speech and Swallowing Therapy CentreSenior Speech Therapist Eunice Siu In our daily interactions with others, we not only observe others’ behaviors, but also “explain” and “predict” others’ behaviors. Theory of mind is the ability to infer or substitute other people’s mental states, such as their thoughts, beliefs, desires, and intentions, etc., and to use this ability to explain other people’s thoughts, perceptions, and predict their behaviors. Theory of mind can be subdivided into “emotion recognition”, “beliefs” and “pretend play”. The developmental period for children’s theory of mind is from approximately 3 to 7 years of age. However, before the age of 3, children need to master the following skills to effectively

To love children, first to love themselves, 3 moves to teach you to maintain the best mental state

Written by :Family Dynamics Child Play Therapist                   Marriage and Family Therapist, Ms. Lee Wai Zi In today’s society, it is indeed not easy for parents to maintain a good state of mind and body. I have met with many parents and found that the difficulty most parents face is not that they do not understand their children’s feelings and needs, or that they do not know how their behavior affects their children, but that it is difficult to maintain a trusting and optimistic attitude towards their children when they are in a situation. Often, parents become increasingly anxious as they worry that their child’s problems will continue

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